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Services in Medica HM Turkey

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation for men, women, beard and eyebrows to get rid of baldness and the effects of cuts and burns

Cosmetic Dentistry

Providing the best cosmetic dentistry treatments, using the best materials recommended in the field of dentistry.

Plastic Surgeries

Performing plastic surgeries by the best professional doctors in Turkey, using the latest technologies.

Season Offers

Hair Transplant

Advanced hair transplant techniques guarantee the largest number of follicles to cover very high and excellent density.

Dental implants

Replacing missing teeth or replacing damaged teeth with life-long dental implants made from the best materials.


Treating nasal aberration, getting rid of sinuses, problems with an imbalance in the size of the nose or large nasal openings.







Why Medica HM Turkey?

Change your life

Real change only happens from the inside out, you are worth to have the life you want, the look you like, and the sensation you most feel comfortable with, Medica HM will give you the Real Change you deserve, because you’re worth it

Trust the Experts

We care about your opinions, and we excel ourselves daily, to build a sustainable relation with you, to be among a family you fully trust. As we give you nothing but the best to trust us.

Clients’ Satisfaction

At Medica HM, we measure our success by our clients’ satisfaction. With 98.5% satisfied clients, and more than 97% successful cosmetic operations, we consider this average is the proof of success.

Our Certificates

I always wanted to have Hollywood smile, but I’ve always had my fears and concerns, until I found MedicaHM; the doctor there, walked me step by step, explained every thing for me, and made me feel comfortable to go through it, and now I’m glad I did . MedicaHM has really changed my life.

Ahmad - Cosmetic Dentistry

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